We’ve all heard of the company called BrainWave® laying claim to technologies above and beyond the concious mind but did you know that sound frequency modulation and various patents have been around from the 70s and actively used? There’s even patents to detect those types of subliminal encodings that are known to affect the brain. The technologies can be used for good or bad. Rife was the ground breaking creator of something that lays claim to much more than just harmonic frequencies connecting our physical and quantum sub-concious world but today, more and more, there is a demand for post production above any beyond where integrations of this can be applied to enhance certain feelings, emotions and debateably sometimes even behaviour. Customers seeking to modulate their music in a binural modulation can find that technology here at Club MYX®.


Club MYX® does NOT currently implement this technology in our broadcasts cattrying the Club MYX label. Because we believe in this concept, we believe it’s not ethical to implement this technology in our live mixes, broadcasts and podcasts; however most mainstream music and large label remixes do implement this type of technology already. Can we tell? Sometimes, when you know what to listen for however even the encoding of the broadcast or playback devices (hardware) itself may actually implement this in some situations.


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