In addition to professional DJ services and professional balanced audio, wireless microphones and wireless audio controls direct from android or iphone, we also offer complete wireless lighting control for the entire lighting setup along with programming and out setups can be controlled direct from Android or iPhone devices too.

Modern Wireless Smartphone Integrations

Our complete wireless intelligent lighting controls, software and hardware can integrate with existing venue intelligent lighting and fog machine systems. We can provide expert programming for custom shows and/or talent to program existing systems. Our light fixture programming is often done on-location when possible but can also be done in-office or in a virtual environment.

Light Programming

Beat sync programming for improved presentation of sound-active, long duration shows such as nightclubs (aka a professional lighting control expert and programmer, typically used fat huge events only) our services are completely mobile.

Venues Interested in our Skills

We offer extended contracts for lead programmer Drew Eppley (aka DJ E P Stylez™).

Additional Ideas for Use

Bring your small party or your next band tour location added touch of a professional concert with an eye-catching lighting performance! (additional venue lighting is recommended) we currently offer a small 7 intelligent lighting setup; great for small bars and gigs that don’t have any additional lighting or effects!


What is DMX Light Programming?

DMX512 (Digital Multiplex) is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. It was originally intended as a standardized method for controlling light dimmers, which, prior to DMX512, had employed various incompatible proprietary protocols. It soon became the primary method for linking controllers (such as a lighting console) to dimmers and special effects devices such as fog machines and intelligent lights…



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