Club MYX Radio is our very own custom-content and creative talent radio station existing since 1998 both online and underground FM but also a first to web simulcast nonprofit FM radio stations in 2005. Today we offer through the support and partnerships of community software and our own mix DJs from around the world.

We Offer

  • Remote Interview Technology
    • Ability to hear show while on hold
    • Can use any VOIP technology like Skype, Facebook etc. or by phone
    • Can connect multiple parties
    • Can provide this in a mobile environment or in-studio
  • In studio and on-location video possible through our partners at NRCW TV
  • We can provide a server to connect to for dedicated DJs
  • The system is or can be fully-automated as all DJ Northland shows were in the past 3 years!

Contact us for airtime. AT THIS TIME we are not charging for personal airtime on our station but you must at least be a mix DJ / have or produce custom content. We cannot play traditional songs unless you are willing to invest in the paperwork involved in being FCC Compliant and paying royalties to music artists. We encourage your own talk shows (with, at most, Creative Commons or Free Use Music Bumpers if you with to use any at all)! No commercial content allowed.

Donations for hosting our servers are very much welcome.


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