This is the home of Club MYX™ Live Entertainment Industries. The broadcast headquarters of media promotion. Since 1998 we have been providing clients with great resources in entertainment across the globe. Ten years later we are bigger than ever! In partnership with NRCW Records we hope to continue to provide another 20 great expanding years of service to the entertainment industry.

Famous captions of Club MYX™ were DJ E P Stylez with the globally recognized Raider Open House Mix™. An all live request radio program on WSYC FM that was the original live mixmaster all request party. The music broadcast through Club MYX was a sensation. To this day you will find various media personalities (even a few retired ones) along with new music and upcoming disk jockeys and producers in all genres of music.

Club MYX is founded as a non profit media promotions division of NRCW LLC. We are not here to generate revenue but rather promote new artists and provide live media entertainment for fans.

In 2000 NRCW LLC took over Club MYX as a grant towards the community and new media. They sponsors our bandwidth and maintenance also without asking any money from anyone.