Club-Style Ice Skating

These past few weeks have been absolutely amazing with our DJ Northland™ DJ Skates at Northland Ice Center in Cincinnati. We have had record turn-outs on Friday nights. This weekend we plan on pushing the bar forward and trying out a one-hour mix ssession with DJ E P Stylez™ at the ice rink. After a 15 minute trial last weekend we had a positive reaction to decent mixing.

Additionally the Center and us are planning on building a permanent DJ booth. This will hopefully consist of a setup that has mixers and tools for the full experience as long as it's within budget.





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Record Breaking Event

Last night we helped launch Northland Ice Center's DJ Skate session. This included many hours of DMX lighting programming and will take many more because it was a record turnout for Club MYX and also a big attraction for the venue too. Over 160 patrons attended the event, we filled up 3 full pages of requests and we have to admit Gangnam Style on ice skates was just plain awesome to see.
We're back tonight and hope to break the 200 mark between online streaming and local attendance. Hopefully we'll have the broadcast up and running tonight too along with interactive calls. This is brand new and we're still working the bugs out! The most fun we've had in years too. Do you live in Cincinnati, Ohio? Visit for details and directions.

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‎Club MYX partners with Grooveshark!

Club MYX partners with Virtual DJ & Grooveshark! Your requests shall be fulfilled! New digital rights management technology allows us to get the music to you and it's all licensed / artists are compensated. Try it out tonight starting at 8pm on live from Northland Ice Center!

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CLUB MYX Partners With Northland Ice Center

We're proud to announce that we will be on air every Friday and Saturday night live from Northland Ice Center from 8pm-10pm (EST) starting immediately! We expect to still take your requests from around the world too. 8-)

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