DJ Northland Returns!

We're back! 12/22/2017
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Club MYX Top Songs for February 2017

Here's our top songs for February 2017 (in alphabetical order)...
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DJ Northland Upgrades

Northland Ice Center is preserving a piece of the Cincinnati Gardens and using it to upgrade your DJ Northland experience! Thank you to Northland Pro Shop and Northland Ice Center for investing in this! 
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and best of all if it wasn't for Tommy Horan, DJ Northland (DJ E P Stylez) would not be obsessed in practicing his mix skills for shows expected to resume on a regular schedule this October!
new controller
See you in a few weeks!
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DJ Northland Returns Saturday September 3, 2016

DJ Northland Logo
We're excited to announce the DJ Northland™, Cincinnati's Coolest DJ™ returns to Northland Ice Center and streaming live right here online on our website again starting Saturday September 3rd, 2016 from 8pm till 10pm every Saturday Night! Admission will be $9 for 13 years and older. Parental discretion is advised.

Visit for more information!

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